Welcome to the Anti-Cookie, your one stop for amateur scribblings that far outstrip the professional scrawlings you find around the place these days. Our mission is simple here. To give young emerging writers the chance to write about what interests them, and to stop their skills from going cold.

With newsrooms shrinking in size and older journalists and writers hanging on, fearing their super may in fact be down the toilet, The Anti-Cookie will provide opportunities for a wide variety of articles to be written and read by you.

You, the reader, have the opportunity to get in on this action too.

We accept new submissions all the damned time, and although we can not and will not pay you (for legal, ethical and moral reasons which you can read about here) your writing will have a chance to be read, and exactly who reads it is entirely up to you. Tell your friends, tell the hobos so they can shout it at random passers-by, shout it from the rooftops!

Your articles will be run through a bit of quality control, and wherever possible feedback will be offered. For emerging writers and journalists, this is a place where you can just write. For readers, it's a place where you can get a wide variety of exciting and emerging voices without the white noise of the almighty advertising dollar.

If something's good we're going to tell you about it, if something's completely shithouse then by God are we going to tell you about it.

Welcome, enjoy and spread the word.

- James McGrath